Precision Crafted & Exceptional Fit

Our Cast-Partial Department surveys, designs & fabricates Cast-Partial Dentures. Uncompromised attention to detail, combined with quality materials & techniques result in a precise, comfortable fit.

Metal allergies are relatively common in dentistry. They are most often experienced by women who wear RPDs (removable partial dentures) with reinforcing frameworks made of metals contained in costume jewelry. The most common allergenic element is nickel. The significance of metal allergy lies in the fact that they are commonly used in the construction of denture frameworks, crowns, bridges & orthodontic wires & brackets. We craft our partials with the industry’s best dental alloys.

METAL Partials

  • Vitallium 2000 Plus
    • Our Highest Quality Alloy
    • Remarkably Lightweight & Resistant to Corrosion
    • Free of Nickel & Beryllium
    • 1-Year Warranty
  • Nobilium NobilStar Ultra
    • Lightweight & Flexible
    • Free of Nickel & Beryllium
    • Comfortable & Easy to Adjust
  • Ticonium Premium 100 “Hard”
    • High Quality, Low Heat
    • 12% Harder than Premium “Regular”
    • Fine-Grained Structure Allows for a Strong, Tight Fit

BRIAN JONES, CDT, Manager of our Cast-Partial Department, has been a Dental Technician since 1996. In 2008, he joined our Crown & Bridge Department, then transitioned into Partials. Brian has great attention to detail & a passion for the industry.