Achieving Proper Fit, Form, Function & Shade.

The Ceramic Department PFM’s to more esthetic, metal-free, monolithic products such as our SCULPTURE Full-Contour Zirconia & Ivoclar Vivadent e.max®. These restorations allow our customers to receive reduced chair side adjustments and increased profit margins.

Designed around the expert knowledge of the materials used in modern dental ceramics, our goal is to instill into each ceramic technician a solid understanding of the physical properties of dentition and the physics of mastication. Going beyond just the science of ceramics, our technicians are true artists who take the appropriate time to design highly-aesthetic, natural looking restorations. Attention to detail is key. Our ceramic products are made from the highest quality materials including feldspathic and synthetic ceramics, pink (gingival) porcelain, leucite reinforced glass and hybrid polyglasses.


Ceramic Managers:

Tony Vlassis, C.D.T. manages our Ceramic, e.max & Porcelain Fused to Zirconia (PFZ) Departments. He graduated from The Polytechnic Institute and University of Maryland in Baltimore and started his dental career as one of our first employees in 1976. He has had the unique opportunity of working closely with the area’s leading universities, dentists, prosthodontists and patients. He is highly qualified as a consultant in complex, inter-departmental, full-mouth restorations, product selections, custom shades, cementation options and dental adhesives. Call the lab to schedule a one-on-one consultation for you and/or your patients.

Sandy Zagraiek (photo coming soon) manages our Ceramic Department and is responsible for the final fit & contour of Sculpture Full-Contour Zirconia & PFM restorations. Her dental career began in 1980, opaqing in the department. As a highly-skilled ceramist, she specializes in implants, large anterior cases & challenging repairs. Sandy works closely with Tony Vlassis, C.D.T. & Sculpture Department Manager, John Benner. Sandy received SPA Certifications in Simplified Posterior Anatomy, Contouring Anterior & Posterior Bridges, Anterior & Posterior Porcelain Application & Color In Dental Ceramics.

20160805_083846_edittedLisa Beatty manages our e.max Department. She joined our team in 1988 as a Ceramist & was trained by Tony Vlassis, C.D.T. & Sandy Zagraiek. Lisa received SPA Certifications in Dental Anatomy & Anterior Contours. With superior attention to detail & a clear understanding of ingot selection & shade computation, she specializes in large, esthetically-challenging anterior cases. Lisa enjoys the fast-paced dynamics of the dental industry & gains satisfaction in knowing that her work makes a positive impact on patients’ lives.

Crown & Bridge Manager:

img_8289_smallerSteven J. Blake, Manager of our Crown and Bridge Department, started with Friendship in 1981. After 20 years of hands-on experience as a technician in multiple departments within the lab, he became Manager of both our Crown & Bridge and Quality Control Departments and has served in this multi-managerial position ever since. He is a dedicated, hard-working perfectionist with the drive to always excel.

Matt Bergen, Manager

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