The Future is Here!

Premium digitally printed workflow and material system.

Introducing FDL Digital Dentures

Without quality materials, dental laboratory technology fails to meet your patients’ expectations. After seeing the new Dentsply Sirona Lucitone Digital denture powered by Carbon, we immediately understood that this was a game-changer for removable prosthetics.

Classified as a heat-activated smart polymer, Lucitone 3D has a linear-elastic fracture toughness of more than 3000 J/m2. That is double the strength of Lucitone’s high impact acrylic and three times the minimum ISO standard for a denture. The IPN 3D Portrait teeth are fused, not bonded, into the base with a very innovative FDA cleared 3D fusing system. Lucitone 3D is available in 5 shades to satisfy every patient.

Carbon’s Digital Light Synthesis technology provides the speed and accuracy of hardware and a validated workflow. Implementation of the solution allows us to more accurately fabricate and speed up various processes such as tooth set-up, wax-up and processing. It also reduces the dentist’s chair time and number of appointments.

We recognize that communication is essential, so we offer convenient online meetings to review and discuss your cases when necessary. Once we have a verified design, it becomes a permanent record. Therefore the MTLOGIC (Midline, Tooth Size, Lip Support, Occlusal Vertical Dimension, Gingival Display, Incisal Edge Position, and Centric) never needs to be performed again, and a denture can be refabricated in the future with no additional records from the dental office.