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Give Your Practice A Competitive Advantage With Digital Dental Solutions:

Ultaire AKP Metal-Free RPDs, by Solvay Dental 360, are made from an innovative, high-performance polymer. These are designed & milled using CAD/CAM technology. This premium metal-free offering is the latest in removable dental technology, providing patients with the best-in-class fit and comfort.

AvaDent Digital Dentures, by Global Dental Science, provide denture wearers with a worry-free life. They gain back their confidence and their ability to eat, sing, dance and so much more, like they have always done. Whether it is an immediate, complete or hybrid denture, AvaDent is there for you. Friendship can help!

Product Information & Questions:

Ultaire AKP

Brian Jones, CDT – Cast-Partial Manager

AvaDent Digital Dentures

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