Digital CAD/CAM Design & Milling Technology comes to Partials.

We have been offering this to our doctors as an alternative to metal partials and our doctors are very thankful we have been recommending them. Metal-Free Partials have many benefits for patients over traditional metal frameworks.


These partials are available in multiple Vita tooth and tissue shades. You can put Duracetal clasps on metal frameworks or you can have a full-milled duracetal framework. Clasps can be clear or the partial as a whole can be a combination of colors (tissue color frame & tooth color clasp for example). They can also be repaired and teeth can be added unlike a flexible partial (FRS). They are designed with our 3shape software and are currently milled by our Sirona In-Lab MC X5. However, in the near future, they will be milled by our PrograMill PM7 from Ivoclar Vivadent.

Turnaround Time: 13 TOTAL In-Lab Days – (7) Framework, (3) Set-up Try-in, (3) Finish.

Pricing: Please email Brian Jones, CDT at (443) 503-5301

Features & Benefits:

• More rigid, flexible & comfortable than traditional metal frameworks.
• Strong & durable acetal copolymer resin.
• Biocompatible & FDA approved.
• Bacteria & stain resistant – no odors.
• Excellent retention. No adjusting as clasps flex & return to original shape.
• Can be “added to” for future tooth loss or repairs.
• Natural tooth & tissue shades available.
• A combo of colors can be used on clasps & frame for esthetics, including clear.

BRIAN JONES, CDT, Manager of our Cast-Partial Department, has been a Dental Technician since 1996. In 2008, he joined our Crown & Bridge Department, then transitioned into Partials. Brian has great attention to detail & a passion for the industry.