A Game Changer for RPD’s!

Our DuraFlex & VisiClear flexible partials & clasps are made out of thin, transparent crystalline polypropylene. This FDA-approved material, unlike nylon-based materials, is water/moisture-resistant so it repels moisture and the build-up of bacteria, stains & odors. It is also very simple to adjust, polish and reline if necessary.

The ability to combine shades/colors makes for a very esthetically-pleasing restoration. Most people can not tell that someone is wearing a removable partial denture! Whether you prescribe a full gingival-shade partial, a full clear partial or a combo of gingival frame and VisiClear clasp, the result will be beautiful.

Which Clasp Would You Choose?

Shade Options:

  • VisiClear
  • Pink
  • Medium Pink
  • Dark Pink
  • Tissue Tone Pink
  • True Pink

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Downloadable Information:

Patient Cleaning Instructions – DuraFlex Partials