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A synergistic live connection

A comprehensive and integrated solution for implant-borne cases, DWOS Synergy brings the dentist-lab collaboration to an unprecedented level by merging digital guided surgery with CAD. This communication feature synchronizes planning and design work between coDiagnostiX and DWOS stations, allowing dental technicians and dentists to work together in real time to determine the optimal implant position to design the best prosthetics and reach the desired outcome.

coDiagnostiX Implant Planning software

Dental Wings coDiagnostiX is a powerful, proven and simple solution for preoperative planning and drill guide design offering a completely digital workflow for implant cases. It includes surgical guide design in conjunction with DWOS and immediate design of both temporary and permanent restorations.


DWOS Software

Dental Wings DWOS is a comprehensive suite of CAD applications for prosthetic design. For implant-borne cases, it covers implant bars and bridges, custom abutments, Ti base abutments, healing abutments and temporaries. Its power is boosted by the information provided by coDiagnostiX.


Watch DWOS Synergy in action

See how changes in implant positioning affect design options and vice versa.

Benefits of DWOS Synergy

  • RELIABILITY – coDiagnostiX is a full-featured implant planning software refined through 15+ years of successful clinical cases.
  • EFFICIENCY – Guided implant rotation ‘timing’ allows for the placement of engaging custom healing abutments, gingiva formers and temporary crowns at time of surgery for optimal soft tissue management, esthetic results and minimal chair time.
  • COLLABORATION – Real-time connectivity between lab technicians and implant placing dentists enables prosthetically-driven implant planning, surgical guide design and immediate provisional design.
  • PREDICTABILITY – With all relevant clinical information simultaneously visible in both Dental Wings coDiagnostiX and DWOS, implant placement decisions result in predictable surgical and prosthetic outcomes.
  • OPEN ACCESS – Freely import STL files from all open intraoral and impression scanners, choosing from a library of over 7,000 implants from more than 70 manufacturers.

Kirsten Hughes,  Implant Manger, joined our CAD/CAM Department in 2012 as a master scanner and troubleshooter.  In 2014, she transitioned into the Implant Department with Mike Backoff, CDT and 35-year senior Implant Prosthetic Manager/Technician. Mike brings the “old school” hands-on/analog experience and Kirsten brings the “new school” computer technology. When combined, they bring the best of both worlds to accommodate your every need. Kirsten oversees day to day operations in our Implant Department & handles Digital Treatment Planning of Surgical Guides as well as scanning and designing implant-related CAD/CAM products; abutments, bars, bridges, ASC Frameworks & IOS Implant Scanning. Her dedication and commitment help ensure the long term success of your cases from start to finish.

LINNET KAKOULLIS, Digital Implant Coordinator graduated from IBVM Loreto Convent in Lucknow, India & received her Bachelor’s in Dental Surgery in 2016. She worked in the Military Dental Institute of Lucknow before moving to the states in 2018. After spending 2 years as a dental assistant, Linnet joined our Friendship team as an integral part of our implant department.  Her main focus is planning Guided Surgery cases, designing Surgical Guides & consulting with our doctors through webinars.