Hybrid Screw-Retained Prosthetics combine the stability of dental implants with the esthetics and functionality of fixed dentures. This innovative solution is designed for individuals seeking a more permanent and secure alternative to traditional removable dentures.

  • Fixed Prosthesis with Implant Support
  • Suitable for Full Arch Rehabilitation¬†
  • Longevity and Minimal Maintenance

Imetric ICam4D Photogrammetry

The ICam4D is revolutionizing the workflow for multi-implant restorations. This technology has tremendous benefits for the patient, practitioner, and production. 

  • Reduces chair time and the number of visits
  • Eliminates significant hardware, personnel, and production costs
  • No stress due to the taking of the impressions
  • Insertion of the ICamBodies and capture of the gingiva is quick and comfortable compared to taking an impression
  • Measurements can be taken with a lip extractor only
  • Eliminates try-ins and shortens treatment time

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