Work produced in the Model Department is the foundation of every case. We invest in high quality materials with low expansion & shrinkage, enabling us to fabricate each model with a high level of precision & accuracy.


Our Tidy Crown & Bridge Model Department

An Efficient Workflow:

  1. Each impression is examined for accuracy & marginal integrity. If bubbles, distortions or imperfections are found, we may request a new impression be sent in before we start the case.
  2. Models are precisely poured & articulated, replicating the patient’s oral environment & occlusion.
  3. Cases are set into production & circulated throughout the lab.

DJ Damron manages the Model Department in our Fixed lab. He joined our team in 2008 as a Model Technician & has had extensive training in all aspects the Department. DJ’s motto & encouragement to his team is “Do it right the first time”.  He understands the importance of fabricating & articulating a precise model, as it is the foundation of every case.  DJ’s great organizational & leadership skills help the Department run smoothly & efficiently.