Partial Dentures

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A lightweight and cost-effective solution for replacing missing teeth temporarily. Esthetic options include: 

  • Clear Clasps
  • Flexible Clasps
  • Wrought Wire Clasps
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Uncompromised attention to detail, combined with quality materials and techniques results in a precise, comfortable fit.

Metal allergies are most often experienced by women who wear RPDs with reinforcing frameworks made of metals found in costume jewelry.

The most common allergenic element is nickel. The significance of metal allergy lies in that they are used in the construction of denture frameworks, crowns, bridges, orthodontic wires, and brackets. 

We craft our partials with the industry’s best dental alloys:

  • Vitallium 2000 Plus
  • Nobilium NobilStar Ultra
  • Ticonium Premium 100 “Hard”
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Made from thin, water-resistant crystalline polypropylene for comfort and durability. Rediscover confidence in your smile with our flexible partials – functional, discreet, and beautifully tailored to your needs.

  • Repels Bacteria, Stains, and Odors
  • Clasp Disappears Around Teeth, Eliminating Any Metallic Taste
  • Easy to Adjust, Polish, and Reline If Necessary

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