Crown & Bridge / Ceramics

A Full-Line of Metal & Metal-Free Products


  • Crown & Bridge
    • PFM – Procelain Fused to Metal
      • Non-Precious (Base)
      • Semi-Precious (Noble)
      • Precious (High-Noble) in White & Yellow
    • PFG – Procelain Fused to Gold
    • Full-Gold
  • Inlay/Onlay
    • Full-Gold
  • Maryland Bridge


  • Crown & Bridge
    • IPS e.max®
      • CAD
      • Press
      • Press & Layered
    • Modeless
    • SCULPTURE Full-Contour Zirconia
    • ZOE CAD/CAM Temporaries (made from PMMA)
    • PFZ – Procelain Fused to Zirconia
  • Veneers
    • IPS e.max®
    • Lumineer No-Prep Veneer
  • Inlay/Onlay
    • IPS e.max®
    • Sculpture Full-Contour Zirconia
  • Maryland Bridge


TONY VLASSIS, CDT & GENERAL MANAGER oversees day to day operations in the lab, also managing our Ceramic Department. He graduated from The Polytechnic Institute and University of Maryland in Baltimore & started his dental career as one of our first employees in 1976. He has had the unique opportunity of working closely with the area’s leading Universities, Dentists, Prosthodontists & Patients. Tony is highly qualified as a consultant in complex, inter-departmental, full-mouth restorations, product selections, custom shades, cementation options & dental adhesives.

LISA CRANDELL manages our e.max® Department. She joined our team in 1988 as a Ceramist & was trained by Tony Vlassis, CDT & Sandy Zagraiek. Lisa received PTC Certifications in Dental Anatomy & Anterior Contours. With an attention to detail & a clear understanding of ingot selection & shade computation, she specializes in large, esthetically-challenging anterior cases. Lisa enjoys the fast-paced dynamics of the dental industry & gains satisfaction in knowing that her work makes a positive impact on patients’ lives.

SANDY ZAGRAIEK, manages our CAD Contour Department.  Her dental career began in 1980, opaquing in the ceramic department. She received PTC Certifications in Simplified Posterior Anatomy, Contouring Anterior & Posterior Bridges, Anterior & Posterior Porcelain Application & Color In Dental Ceramics. As a senior technician & highly skilled ceramist, Sandy oversees the fit & contour our Sculpture Full-Contour Zirconia & PFM restorations. Her specialties include implants, large anterior cases & challenging repairs.  

VALANTI DIACOLOUKAS, (Lan) manages our CAD/CAM Department. He started working with us during the summers of 2009 & 2010, mentored by his grandfather & founder, Gus Diacoloukas. In 2011, Valanti came on board full-time in our e.max® Department, spruing & investing. He received comprehensive hands-on-training from his dad, Nick Diacoloukas & specialized training on our mills. Valanti shares the family passion for the industry, as he works closely with our doctors on their digital cases.  

MADELINE DIACOLOUKAS joined our team in 2011 as a scanner & designer & also assisted with the work flow in our CAD/CAM department. She now manages our IOS, 3D digital printing & Smile Shapers Aligner departments. She receives digital scans for both Crown & Bridge & Removable cases.

Madeline enjoys helping our doctors learn to scan & become more knowledgeable about the latest technological advances in the industry. She is constantly discovering new ways to successfully 3D print different appliances for a better workflow in the lab.