A 3-Step Quality Assurance (QA) Process enables us to maintain low remake ratios!

20160912_153717_editted1. PRELIMINARY QA – After your case is entered into Labtrac by a Shipping & Receiving Clerk, impressions are inspected for marginal integrity & imperfections. If any distortions are detected, we may notify your office. Next, bites & opposing models are inspected for accuracy. After the preliminary QA, your case advances to either the model room so we can pour a stone model, or it will go directly to the appropriate department.

2. PRODUCTION QA – Throughout its life cycle, a case progresses through several departments. After each department completes its work, your case is inspected by its corresponding manager.

3. FINAL QA – Upon completion, your case passes through QA for a final inspection. Marginal integrity, contour, shade, inter-proximal contacts, occlusion & instructions are verified. Your case is then sent to Shipping & Receiving for packing, billing & shipping.

MARY COXON, Quality Control Manager began working in our Crown & Bridge Metal Department in 1982, fabricating wax-ups & metal frameworks.  After gaining hands-on experience in the Porcelain Department & comprehensive knowledge of all our crown & bridge products, she transitioned to management.  Mary interacts with our doctors on a daily basis, calling with questions regarding shades, materials, margins, etc. She manages work flow within the departments & checks outgoing cases for precision & accuracy.

ROBIN ROBINSON, is our Quality Assurance Manager checking outgoing cases for precision & accuracy. She is also our Crown & Bridge Manager & Director of Training. Robin graduated from the School of Health Care Sciences, Sheppard Air Force Base, TX in 1977 with a degree in Dental Technology & has been with Friendship since 1991.  She was a Certified Instructor in the Air Force &  served on the Base Honor Guard & Rifle Drill Team. She entered the civilian workforce in 1986 & worked for a lab in Anchorage, Alaska for 4 years.  As a Certified Instructor with Productivity Training Corporation (PTC), Robin mentors Technicians and Administrative Staff in the lab. Her dedication to professionalism is unsurpassed & attention to detail is her passion.