The life cycle begins and ends with our Shipping and Receiving Department,  focusing on Personal Service and Efficiency. This well-oiled machine is responsible for packing and unpacking your cases and getting them into the appropriate department as swiftly as possible.

Our full-time drivers pick up locally within a 25-mile radius and outlying areas are serviced through Acme Delivery, Magic Messenger, UPS and FedEx – this allows us to expedite time-sensitive cases.


1: After your case has been received, it is unpacked, disinfected and placed into an appropriate color-coded pan with a unique case number.

2: Information from your prescription, individual preferences, photos and special instructions are entered into LabTrac, our computerized production and tracking system.

3: A work order is created and attached to the case pan. Preferences and instructions are readily available to technicians at any given time during the fabrication process.

4: A Quality Assurance Inspection of impressions and bite registrations is performed for accuracy and marginal integrity.

5: Your case is distributed into the lab for processing and passes through the appropriate departments.

6: A 2nd Quality Assurance Inspection is performed by a CDT Department Manager.

7: Upon completion, a final Quality Assurance Inspection is performed. Marginal integrity, contacts, shade, occlusion and doctor preferences are approved.

8: Case is billed, disinfected, packed and shipped to your office.

You may call the lab any time to discuss or track the status of your case.

Good communication is the key to any successful relationship.  Feel free to return the quality control forms that are included in each completed case, providing us with feedback on occlusion, contour, margins, shade and contacts.